System Logic

– Time-based, multi-sensor, proprietary and proven decision processing

  • Factors temperature, humidity, wind and rain expectations
  • Configured by region
  • Sensors/actuators include On/Off-flow valves, soil moisture, pump switches, pipe pressure valves and depth gauges / floats

– Plant-type calculated water need requirements per region
– Autonomously learns over time
(e.g., type of soil, rates of delivery, weather interactions, saturation rates, water consumption needs and pipe salinization or clogging rates)
– Anomaly and error detection and reporting to assigned personnel
– Report generation graphical views:

  • Water usage graphs
  • Layout and status (e.g., what is on, broken or other)

– Image-based or Graphical Environment configuration
– Flexible and adjustable per application requirements and settings
– Subscription service provides automatic updates and data archiving