Features and Benefits

cropped-WE-mascot_20151.jpgWater Einstein is a comprehensive outdoor water management system that maximizes water usage, utilizes weather variables, tracks issues and response times and so much more! Gone are the unreliable panels and control boxes that can be altered, turned-off, damaged and tampered with! Gone is the temptation to over-water and so are the high costs associated with that.

Water Einstein is Smarter Water Management!

  • Autonomous Water Management System
  • Self-learning to understand your Plants, Grass and Tree’s Water Needs
  • Secure Website Management Panel
  • Smart-phone Management for On-site Testing
  • Text Messaging to Designated Recipients per Mapped-address Sends Issue Alerts
  • Work-flow System Integrated
  • Water, Labor and Time Efficiency Increased
  • Defines Best Practices
  • Water Usage Optimization
  • Reductions in Water Damage and Water Loss Severity
  • Increased Public Appreciation of Water Usage
  • Reliable On-site Hardware
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Data Accrual by Individual Component (water, soil, climate, flow-rates)
  • Big Data Generation
  • Manual Overrides and Calendar Management Features
  • Customized Solutions per Application
  • Weather Interactive
  • Pipe Salinization / Flow pressure-Integrity Reporting
  • Anti-theft Deterrents
  • Utilizes Existing Components for Maximum Value