Water Einstein – Smarter Outdoor Water Management

Water Einstein is your most intelligent and comprehensive water management system of tomorrow, today!

Water Einstein Save Water, Labor, Money and Reduce Damages via an easy-to-use website and smart-phone application management system tailored to your address.

Water Einstein combines, “Smart-hardware” and our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithm technology to take the guesswork out of watering, where damage is occurring and how water is being used and where.

Water Einstein is driven by The Internet of Things (IoT) technology that extends coverage areas and battery-life while reducing communication costs and maintenance expenses.

Water Einstein learns how much water your plants, trees and grasses need and allows you to dictate how much of those needs are satisfied without the hassle of control panels or unreliable boxes on-site.

Water Einstein is weather integrated to prevent watering before, during or after a rain event to save water and won’t provide water to sprinkler systems when wind-speeds exceed 10 mph consistently.

Water Einstein allows you to provide an image of your property to map against so that your watering zones, irrigation systems and smart-hardware locations are visually mapped for your specific outdoor environments and can be updated as you wish.

Water Einstein will detect leaks and send text messages to designated recipients with information on both the physical address and which watering zone at that location the issue is occurring-in to expedite repairs and reduce property damage and the loss of water and money.

Water Einstein provides a work-order process to track issues, responses and the time and expense to complete on-site repairs.

Water Einstein will allow you to generate reports on water usage to better understand where and how water is being utilized per location.

Water Einstein is born from the vast years of research and product development experience that directs our proven, proprietary algorithm-driven management system to outperform the competition.

Water Einstein is dedicated to the student-employee and offers many opportunities to gain valuable experience (as well as a paycheck) to help in their life’s career progression. Contact us today to learn more!

Water Einstein is Smarter Water Management!

Member of the LoRa Alliance